Mummy Squirrel: Scary shit at my mom’s house

Mummy Squirrel in Repose

When I visited in November, my mother proudly showed me a dead squirrel in her yard. “He ate the D-Con for the chipmunks. Since then, I have been watching him rot away.”

Well, rather than rotting away, it has mummfied.

She was upset when we drove up to the house because her disgusting dead squirrel was lying on the sidewalk. She likes to display Mummy Squirrel on an ash tree instead of on the ground.

My step-dad promptly went outside and rectified the situation. Now it’s back in the tree. It really is worse in person.

Something for your nightmares!

2 thoughts on “Mummy Squirrel: Scary shit at my mom’s house

  1. When I was in college, we found a rat that had died in the ceiling of a breezeway, trapped in the metal grate that was supposed to keep pigeons from roosting there. We checked on him regularly and, low and behold, when I went back for my 10th reunion, the poor fellow’s skeleton was still up there.

    I hope for your family’s sake that Mummy Squirrel did not leave a curse upon his final resting place.


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