Lawyering: Hurry up! and wait…

No matter if you need to travel far to get to the courthouse, you have to  hurry up and wait your turn. Boo.

I think the only useful skill I learned in law school was not to scream, “I’m going mAD. Get there FASter. Sunavabichersticks.”

You see, I had to learn that. Everything else was stupid easy. But sitting in one place, confined and unable to yell, I learned how to control my impetuous nature. Okay, so mainly I sat outside the classroom for 20 minutes after class started because time passed faster if I stared at the floor than if I were in class. “Goddammit.”

Since I can’t show up late to court, I have to find ways to occupy myself before a hearing. Useful ways, folks. Facebook only goes so far.

Luckily, in my nameless case and with my unknown judge, I don’t have these problems. But, I have the problem of arriving many hours before a hearing. What to do?

Courthouse photography!

View of the new federal courthouse from the county courthouse.
Dramatic chair sits dramatically in dramatic light. Drama queen.

Shiny pants library.

”]I did this post as an experiment using visual instead of html. Argh. With html, I don’t have random letters appearing. Then again, I have had a couple of adult beverages. This may be my fault.

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