Wild times in Tulsa!

Look, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting to have any fun in Tulsa when I went there for work. I was mistaken!

I especially wish I had more time for night photography. I just snapped one quick shot.  Tulsa has a number of buildings from the 1930s-1950s which are still in use, including the county courthouse. The workmanship in the 1950s courthouse was especially well-done. Look, it’s 2012, and nothing has fallen off the walls. The bathroom had nice, sturdy doors too. Just in case you have to take a leak at the courthouse. I try to be helpful when I can.

The nightlife wasn’t bad either. I randomly selected McNellie’s for dinner because it seemed to have good reviews online. They have $3.99 hamburgers every Wednesday from 5:00 to like 11:00 (and a really hot waiter who I pretended I couldn’t hear unless he got closer-hee hee!). I stayed late enough to see the college kids roll in. I forgot about those days of whimsy when you could eat at any hour and not worry about the old waistline.

http://mcnellies.com/site/sections/1 My coworker and I were like, “I can’t pay these robber baron prices for a delicious burger, dammit!” I really enjoyed the atmosphere–the place was buzzing and getting buzzier as the evening wore on.  I love trying to blend in with the local crowd. It’s really hard for me, being a Texan in Oklahoma. I had to hide my accent and furry tail.

In the morning, I was greeted by lovely flowers blooming on a tree outside my hotel room.

If I can get a deal on Southwest, I’ll probably go back for a day!

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