Who knew radishes were so easy to grow?

This was the first time I grew them. Since it has been raining, I basically ignored them. Once my husband had to put organic garden dust on them.

Although the package said to plant them one inch apart, I would recomend one seed per hole two inches apart. They all sprouted. There would no need for me to have to thin the plantings if I had just gone with my gut and did one per hole.

Because they were that close, some got long and skinny instead of fat. I should have watched the crop closer. Some of the bigger ones cracked from too much moisture.

I have ton of radish greens now. I think I have done some Japanese pickling (Tsukemono) before with them. I have more than I care to keep. I will bring the left over greens to work. Maybe the guy who owns a Texas Tiny pig or the gal with the chickens can use them.

Look at the albino radish! Not a lick of color on it. I ate him right away. He had a milder flavor than the other ones I chomped.

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