Children’s graves are always sad, but this one…

The first thing that caught my eye was the mass of artificial flowers on the grave. Then I saw a little plastic toy imbedded in the dirt above the modest grave marker. The toy was what my three year old son would refer to as a ‘guy.’ He’ll name cars and stuffed animals, but plastic men are ‘guys.’

Marcos Ruben Silva (b. 4/8/1993 d. 7/6/1996)

I leaned in closer and saw two more toys, an orange fishy and a car.

I read the marker, and the boy in the grave was but three years old. I almost vomited and definitely burst into tears. The family placed his little favorite toys on his grave so he could always have them.

I had to walk away from that little boy’s resting place. That poor child, his poor family. My oh my, the three fates are nothing if not cruel.

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