When the model becomes the photographer….

I’d call myself a ‘model’ instead of a model if it weren’t so obvious how super-awesome-professional I am at this stuff. When I look into the camera, it’s like when I gaze upon myself in the mirror.

Not really.

Ugh, if looking in the camera were like when I look in the mirror, the pictures would end up with me plagued with self-doubt and flaw-counting.

This was a photographer I met in El Paso. Great guy! Esteban of Artistic Portraiture has no clue that I snapped a shot of him setting up the studio. Heh heh heh-I’m sneaky that way.

I had no idea there was an art studio in downtown El Paso. It’s called Glass Box and it’s located in a former foam factory. Yeah, you read that right. A foam factory. The only sign for the art studio is in back.

No shit, you can drive your car up into the studio area. Um, I guess because it used to be a factory. Anyhoodles, there are screenprinters, painters, photographers, welders, etc. renting studio space.

I really enjoyed the vibe, except the bathroom area reeked of pee-pee mega-time. Odd, because the bathrooms were clean. Maybe it’s acccumulated pee-pee from factory times. I had a ‘pisser cat’ once, and the cement foundation reeked of her urine, even after I bleached it. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that the stink was from the factory days.

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