Barton Creek Pool!!

Freaky foot shot. I really should not have been swimming w the fancy camera....
Mwah! The lovely barton springs pool view.
Olga's giant arm crush small child. Cripes! What have I done to myself with all that home improvement?

It’s been about three years since I was last there. Cold as ever. I took my kid. He was a 6 month old when I went the last time. 68 degree water = not an appropriate baby venue!

I remember feeling like a cow, but I wore my bikini anyway. I was shocked that I actually attracted some male attention, and not in that, “Oh dear, she really should consider a one-piece,” ways. I mean floored. I was just too lazy to go to Wal*Mart and get a new suit.

By the way, Wal*Mart has this awesomely awesome camo bikini. Even the extra large won’t fit my bust. #pissedatstupidsizes

My mom was not happy with how slippery Barton Creek Pool is. My kid was freaked too. So, I took him in a deeper part and had him hang on to my bikini top whilst I swam. He loved it until he got too cold.

We then went to the pool in my neighborhood, which was a lot warmer. Someone took a long nap, and it wasn’t me!

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