Stuff that Scares Ann: Revisiting the Horror of Uncommon Objects

Well. Now there’s something  you can’t unsee.

When you really spend some time in that store, you find some horrific items for sale. I went there with my mom and 3 yr old. Kiddo refused to go near some of our finds, as they were hellishly terrifying. Also, their stuff was way overpriced.

According to my mom: They had a cupboard that was nasty and the paint was rippled and looked like they found it in a field, and they wanted $450. I would have paid $75 tops.

Am I the only one bothered that she was able to price something that should have been set on fire?

Back to the store. How the hell do they stay in business? I don’t get it. It’s been open forevers, and I have never actually seen anyone purchase anything. I suspect some sort of nefarious fraud. Maybe it’s a front for a drug dealer.

You’ll know it is if I am murdered in the next week. Because, like, I will have figured them out.

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