Torre di Pietra Winery (Fredricksburg area wine trail)

I find this winery to be a very relaxing hang-out. They have couches inside, where in the winter you can sit by a nice fire. It’s a dark, large stone building–like a cellar. In the heat of June, the cavernous tasting room is a welcome relief from the searing sun. When the weather is nicer, they open up a tasting bar outside in the covered patio area. I didn’t even venture out back this last visit due to the heat.

They have a good selection of sweet wines, if you like that type of wine. The dry wines are quite tasty. I’ve heard their port is good. Yuck. Port. <<<shivers>>>

I think their most popular wine is Dirty Girl. That name’s pretty cute.

They have some vineyards around the property. Their grapes were doing well. It helps that they irrigate with a drip system.

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