Archeaological sites at McGinley L- Ranch (near Harper, Texas)

This was about the size on my hand. It is the beginnings of a spear.

The rancher was so kind as to permit me and my husband to visit her place last Friday. She even drove us around the ranch to show us the lay-out of the land and the various archeaological sites near the river running through her property. She raises Brahma/Hereford moo cows.

Mrs. McGinley’s only request was that we not remove any of the prehistoric artifacts from the land. Also, she forced us to drink like animals straight from a limestone spring. She did this at gun point, so I felt I had to oblige with the request. Kidding!

The spring.
I employed a modified chaturanga for my pose.
When I see images like this, I think, "Man, I really want to have a kid with THAT guy."
This is a hammer. It's not a perfect sphere. The other side comes to a rounded point.
This rock is from one of the many cooking sites at the ranch. In prehistoric times, the people living in the area would heat big limestone rocks up with fire to slow cook their food. Limestone breaks at right angles when it gets heated up, so there are a bunch of bricks like this all over the place.
Another cooking site.
This is a close up of the ancient ashes.

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