Wine tasting @ Chisholm Trail Winery (Fredricksburg, TX)

I’ve been wine tasting in Central Texas for about ten years now. It’s been so enjoyable seeing the businesses take off. When I started, you’d never see a Texas wine in stores aside from Llano or St. Genevieve. I do like Llano quite a bit–and they are very friendly up there in Lubbock.

I hadn’t ever been to Chisholm Trail before, mainly because it’s on the west side of town past the city. Since I’m coming from Austin (east), I tend to hit the closer wineries. As the day passes, I get so sick of wine that the thought of traveling to yet another tasting makes me kinda pukey.

Today, though, I visited a ranch in Harper, which is west of Fredricksburg. I hit this winery on the way back. $9 tasting for five wines (and you get to keep the glass); $7 for five wines. no glass. Being partial to reds, I chose the 2006 Diablo (70% Syrah, 30% Lenoir) 13.5% alcohol. It has a spicy flavor that was different than the usual wines I drink. It was $14.95 for a bottle. I’m having a glass right now with some fresh gazpacho made from tomatoes I bought on the way back.

I already ate the peach pie (oh, I had help with that). It’s peach season in Fredricksburg. The peaches are small and tart, which means they make mouth-watering pies.

The place has a honky-tonk kind of vibe, which is great if you don’t like high-falutin’ places where all the people are annoying. Not that type of joint at all, which is a plus in my book.

They’ve been open for about a decade, and they get their grapes from the Valley. If you aren’t from Texas, the Valley is the Rio Grande valley near the Gulf of Mexico right on the Mexican border. Lots of agriculture going on down there.

3 thoughts on “Wine tasting @ Chisholm Trail Winery (Fredricksburg, TX)

  1. We’ve actually been to this winery. The wines are quite tasty. it was a wonderful surprise especially after driving into what looked like an empty field….knowing we had to have made a wrong turn somewhere. The Diablo is a good wine to serve with most any everyday meal – maybe a little too much flavor for a delicate fish, but otherwise it works well. Glad you made the trek out to this place – worth the drive certainly.

    Jeannine Jiral
    Founder – In Home Wine Tasting 4 you


    1. Yeah, I was surprised how good the wines are. I won’t name names, but some of the places out there are not to my liking. Can they make a better wine than me? I suppose, but that really should be the test. That’s why I was so happy with Chisholm. They’ve eschewed the whole ‘it has to be from central Tex’ thing and gotten good Texas grapes. There are some grapes that do excellent in this area. Those are not the usual varieties, though. The muscat is great, but I hate sweet wines. Still, I’m glad we have a variety of options for all the palates out there.


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