Ceballos Honey in Fabens, Texas (eee! yum!)

I finally made it out there! My last few business trips prevented me (sadfaces), but this time my coworker, opposing counsel, and court reporter gave me the go-ahead. Wee~!

I heard about the place from an El Paso native who transplanted himself in Austin. It’s exit 49 on IH10, head to Main Street/TX 20 East.

The honey is from the ‘valley.’ Dunno if I understand that in reference to West TX. To me, ‘The Valley’ is Brownsville, Weslaco, McAllen, ya know–South Texas by the Gulf. It’s one of those live/learn things, I suppose.

The place is about 35 minutes from El Paso, and totally worth the trip if you enjoy local agriculture/products. The honey was still warm in the Mason jar when I bought it. They melt the crystallized honey in the metal warehouse attached to the store and pump it to a holding tank. The store smelled like sweet heaven.

The owner claimed the intoxicating scent was the honey soap. (Of course I bought those and will do a post dedicated to the product later!!) Nah, I think she is just used used to the honey scent. Beehive central!

oh- the hives are located throughout the agricultural areas nearby. From IH10, you can see an out of place greenbelt to the south. The busy bees pollinate in that region. Cotton is one of the staple crops. However, in this season the bees are nomming on mesquite and cat’s claw. [Evil, evil mesquite that stabs your knee and gives you a joint infection requiring 10 days of anti-biotics. You will never live this down, Mr. or Ms. Mesquite. NEVER.]

I tasted my honey as soon as I walked in the door. Dark amber in color, it had a slightly wild taste to it. Then again, I wax poetic about wine. I have a mighty sniffer! It’s also not teeth-hurtingly sweet. I don’t have another way to describe it. The honey isn’t the type of sweet that hurts your teeth or makes you squish your face. It’s the perfect combination of syrup, sweet, and succulent.

I need to stop stuffing my face with honey. It would help if I closed the jar. And put my spoon away. Temptation, thy name is honey from the Ceballos.

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