These are pics of flowers right before the storm hit in El Paso this week. Very diffrent background from the ususal bright, sunny, lens flare ones I take.

Anyhow, while I do like that song Riders on the Storm by the doors, I have to admit that I find many of the lyrics inane–even unartful. Um, like a dog without a bone, an actor out alone? First, I don’t think a dog without a bone is an incredibly sad scene. It doesn’t have something to gnaw on? Well, Fido, go find a stick.

An actor out alone? Isn’t that called a monologue…where all the attention is on ME ME ME? [bows to imaginary audience applauding]

And: there’s a killer on the road, his brain is squirmin’ like a toad. 

oooh. Not a killer! Scary, scary, scary. [ugh] Wouldn’t it have been better to have said his ‘mind’ was squirming, rather than his brain? The brain is an organic structure not capable of movement. This is a jarring, yet entirely stupid image. Also, toads don’t squirm. Worms squirms. But, worm doesn’t rhyme with ‘road’ so…..

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