Thunderstorm rolls through El Paso.

It’s always fun to watch a storm roll in. So as soon as it became clear one was coming yesterday afternoon, I sped up Rim Road to Scenic Drive. First, a dirt storm hit, then the rain came in thick drops. It was over soon.

Later on that evening, I strolled through downtown. The scent of rain was still in the air. This was one of the most relaxing business trips I’ve taken to EP in a while.

A few seconds later, the cloud of sand was significantly closer.

You can’t really tell how windy it is from those shots. It was mega-windy! Here’s a picture of me to prove it. AKA: more reasons to post pics of myself on the internet.

Here’s a ground-level view from the mountainside. The sand was really closing in by this point.

Then the storm rolled in.

Did I go back to my car like the other people? Nope. ~invulnerability complex~ Nah! There was some thunder, but absolutely no visible lightning. Some were asking me if a tornado was coming, so I had to explain the science behind the natural phenomenon to random strangers. Look, if my hair were standing on end, and I got the ‘willies’ I would have run right back to my car due to lightning strikes. Aaah. Meterology 101, University of Wisconsin, Fall 1998.

Gah! It started raining in big smacky drops. I had to snuggle my camera under my shirt and run to the car. 

Oh–I got some more featherlocks this week. Now I have them on both sides. This time, I wanted them to be more noticeable.

The calm after the storm. This is a view of the Asarco plant, which is a Superfund site.  It was a smelter.

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