I was wrong to have been harshing on jeggings all this time without actually trying a pair on. I went to El Paso Street on Thursday, and tried on several pairs of jeggings before settling on a size 11 pair w rhinestones. The size 9 jeggings gave me squishy belly overlap. Perhaps my jeggings aren’t as snug as they are supposed to be, but nothing good comes of muffin top. Well, unless it’s on a real muffin. Isn’t ‘muffin’ like the cutest damn word in the English language? I just want to pinch its cheeks.

Back to the jeggings. Why did I think they’d look bad on me? How irrational! I wear leggings all the time. I mean, how could demin-colored ones be any different on me than black ones?

Plus, look at how comfy and flexible they are.

Hmm. Was this post about jeggings or was it simply another excuse for me to post pictures of myself on the interwebs?

Not sure it matters. This post is a shout-out to those folks who reach my blog when doing searches for the following terms: jeggings ass, jeggings butts pics, jeggings bums, ass, butts, pictures of girls asses in jeggings. Oh, the list goes on…girls in hotel rooms.

One thought on “I take back every criticism I have made of jeggings.

  1. the back. Perfect for running aounrd with a slim pencil silhouette. This is eerily similar to the maternity pencil skirt tutorial I made way back when I was pregnant, but it’s not doubled up and I’ve included some


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