Me molesting a statue. Oh, come on! It’s an inanimate object.

Oh, la, la. Aren't I just the belle of the ball!

From the time I was a young teen, I have enjoyed having pictures taken of me molesting (licking, petting, looking at with ‘sexy eyes’) trees and statues. What can I say? I love nature, and I love art. So, this love can only lead to my sticking a finger in a statue’s ear or pretending it goosed me.

See what I mean? One Wet Willie coming up!

I save the tree-licking for my very exclusive facebook page where I friend people at random. Such boldness is usually inspired by a couple of lemoncello martinis or whiskey sours. The licking? No! The friending. Oh, the many rejections I have faced. The worst is when I get defriended. Garsh. What part of a random stranger friending you and commenting relentlessly is bothersome? I don’t get it.

How saucy! I should slap him.
You goose me one more time, and I swear I will tear your nerd spectacles from your nerd face.

BTW, do you have any idea how hard it is for me to type ‘statue’ instead of ‘statute’? [oooh. The quote went before the punctuation. How un-Chicago Manual of Style for Sheep of me.]

Sorry, sorry, sorry! This was all my fault. Somehow, I doubt you care about my heartfelt apology.

Oh, the friend that my hubster brought with him was slightly disturbed yet laughing at the scene. He couldn’t imagine how I got Sergio to the point where he was immune to my social gaffes. Well, it’s just a question of exposure.

What’s nice is that Sergio did not take crappy blurred shots this time. Of course, I did have to scream at him through my smile to tell him to keep his hands still. DAMMIT THE CAMERA IS NOT DONE.

3 thoughts on “Me molesting a statue. Oh, come on! It’s an inanimate object.

  1. SERIOUSLY love those new pirtns… I'm gonna order one… just need to wait for some more cash flow! You are amazing and I'm blessed to call you friend! Hugs to you friend!


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