Vegetable garden progress

It might be okra, but who knows. It's not like I labeled anything. I like surprises.
This is a baby green bean plant. The package told me that it is a "Contender." I coulda been a contenda!

After spending all day Saturday building a paver-covered patio area, I scarcely had energy left to watch television last night. Today I opted for a more relaxed pace, so I didn’t even get going shopping for supplies until 1:00.

I’m sorry to report that my Black Spanish transplant bit the big one. I watched it depressingly crap out all week long. I finally ripped it up, chucked its remains across the yard, and replaced it with a cabernet sauvignon vine. I know they grow in Texas. But, will it grow in south Austin? I guess we’ll find out this summer. I was half-tempted to get a pinot noir vine, but they reportedly need cool nights to do the best. That’s not a typical feature of an Austin summer night, so I passed on the pinot.

The pavers. Also, you can see the new grape vine by the cedar fence.
Two new beds: L shaped and the horseshoe in back. Haven't planted in the back one yet.

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