Today in the garden (flowers, grapes developing)

The sad thing is that someone told me what this flower was, and I have already forgotten its name.

I spent the better part of four hours this afternoon with a rented tiller and compacted clay soil. Even though I had thoroughly watered the area to be tilled, it was still tough going. I have to tear through crabgrass and St. Augustine in some parts. It’s great fun when that shit gets wrapped around the blades and kills the engine. Other parts are sunbaked nightmares reminicent of the stage in which your pottery is leatherhard before you put it in the kiln. Bump! Bump! Bump! Engine sputter….

I think the tilling is about 2/3 done. I had to spend a lot of time trying to level out the soil. I should probably mention that the space is about 20′ x 24′. I like to dream big.

Even though this is a bunch of miserable work, it will be worth it once I get a vegetable garden established. Plus, I’ll never have to mow that area again. It’s the view I have from my kitchen. I’m sick of looking at a crapped-out, uneven weedfest. Of course, now I have a giant dirt patch that is partially covered with grass. But, it’s progress!

I'm dubious that I'll get any pomegranates this year. Last year, I got zilch. Why expect any better this year? Those trees hate me.
Grapies! The back row does the best 2 yrs straight. It seems that Black Spanish benefit from partial shade from the afternoon sun. That is, if you want to increase production. I dunno nuthin about quality.

2 thoughts on “Today in the garden (flowers, grapes developing)

  1. Unfortunately the white-flowering plant is Torilis arvensis, sometimes called hedge parsley and beggar’s ticks. That second name describes the plant’s annoying seeds, which get caught in shoelaces, pants, hair, etc. This species is an invasive nuisance from Europe that has flourished in many parts of the United States, including Austin. Pull out any plants as soon as you find them, or they’ll take over. You can read about this species at


    1. I ripped all of them up. You are right about them colonizing. I went to a part of the yard I usually don’t take a close look at. It was everywhere and spreading. If I don’t get this under control right away, it’s gonna be a hedge parsley field.


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