I’m in lurve with my new featherlocks.

My cool neighbor got some in her hair, so I totally had to “Single White Female” copy her every move. Just kidding! Her’s are black and white, and she’s a brunette. I went for some razzle-dazzle red and a yellow one and an olive one.

The feathers are from fancy roosters. You may have seen these feathers in other applications, such as fly-fishing lures. They are supposed to last a few months. How fun! I get a little splash of color without any commitment. They go on really fast with a small copper clamp. Bradz in Austin charges $10 per feather, if you were thinking you really need some chicken bits in your hair.

Here’s another view:

And, here’s Cousin It:

I took these in my backyard using the close-up setting. I stood in an easterly breeze around noon on the south side of my house. I like how the colors showed up and the slight movement in my hair from the breeze. I didn’t use a tripod. I just held the camera out about a foot from my feathers.

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