Marie Laveau’s grave (Voodoo Queen of New Orleans)

50ft Queenie!

I took a voodoo tour of NOLA headed by an atheist. He went off about the lack of critical thinking skills most people have. He was certainly correct. I am not a believer in anything. But, I do pay my respects to a woman who was so clever as to had the whole city think she had power over them. Brava!

The tour guide told us a story about how she influenced the outcome of a case. As a lawyer, it hit a note for me. A Creole guy had dueled with a ‘white’ boy. White boy died, and a murder trial ensued. Hmm. Some dumbshits need killing, especially the ones who challenge a duel and can’t seem to live through the ordeal.

Anyhow, it was a foregone conclusion that the Creole guy was gonna be hanged for his ‘crime.’ His father visited Ms. Laveau and begged her. “Is there anything you can do?”

Yes, there was. She went to the Catholic Church on the first day of trial and prayed for the Creole boy. Owing to the voodoo tradition, she placed three red hot peppers in her mouth as she prayed. She placed those peppers on the judge’s seat.

Not guilty.

Meaning of the three peppers? Ms. Laveau was a hairstylist for the ladies about the town. She already knew that the judge frequented three prostitutes with regularity. So when the Creole guy’s father begged her for help, she knew exactly when screw to turn.

Plus, what fricking bullshit, right? A duel is a duel. I don’t wanna hear boobie-baby crying about the outcome. Teach your kids better gamemanship. Note that I did not say marksmenship. There’s a way to game the hotheads.

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Also, the family would like you to stop defacing the tomb with stupid triple X’s. I don’t know where you people got that from, but there is nothing spiritual about them. It’s just a mess. Marie was probably not buried there anyway–due to voodoo graverobbers. She was most likely moved to St. Louis No. 2. Anyhow, if you want to pay your respects, go right on ahead. I did. It’s not the location that counts. It’s the intention.

I left one of my blonde hairs as an offering. I won’t give my red hairs to just any voodoo queen!

One thought on “Marie Laveau’s grave (Voodoo Queen of New Orleans)

  1. Just got home (home being south central Kentucky ) from NOLA took our vacation here to see new Orleans and bourbon street, the New orleons mint (was a favorite of mine) but the main reason for going to LA was to spend time in the swamps and for the rich history thus is a very history rich city and state (we had a ball) I wish we got a chance to see the voo doo queens tomb but too much to see in too little time.
    Can you recommend some of your favorite sites, and thanks for posting this page.


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