More Horse Testicles!

With lens flare. (Gawd, I learn one photo technique, and it's all I do. One trick pony, anyone?)

How lovely. I have now added to my collection of pictures of large mammal testes cast in bronze. You must be bubbling over with excitement at my latest discovery!

I just can’t get over the size of them. But, let me add that this set of horse balls was kinda small in comparison to the horse. Poor thing. It has nothing on that horse statue outside the airport in El Paso. Then again, how dare I compare the largest bronze horse sculpture in the U.S. to any others!

No, really. They were like disproportionately small.

Testes. One, two. Three? (Oh, I so miss Beavis and Butthead. I went to high school in Humble, TX with those guys.)
Without lens flare.

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