Blue skies, bright sun, and lens flare.

Because I know very little about photography technical stuff, I always thought those prism-like color splotches on my pictures were boo-boos. I was wrong. It is called lens flare, and it can be used to add interest to your pictures. I learn something new on the interwebs every day.

I like the pink splotches, but the sun just washes out the photo.
Here's a shot at the angle I usually seek out (sun behind me or to the side).
I decided to skip the usual angles on this monument and practice this lens flare thing.
This time, the flare is mainly straight across.
And now it's diagonal.
Before I turned my rental car in at the airport, I decided to wait around and see if I could get some pics of a plane taking off. I would have preferred a Southwest plane, since they are more colorful. But, this turned out cute. It looks so tiny!!!
Bye-bye, plane!
I thought this looked cool. I had to take several shots to get a usable one. The others were blurry because the plane was either too far away, or I didn't hold the camera still long enough.

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