Butt Shots II:Are you kidding me? Jeggings in shorts/capri form? I hate you.

No. This jegging thing must stop.

I’ll admit that this winter was fraught with jegging butt scares for me. Walking through downtown El Paso was like walking a gauntlet. In groups of five to ten, half-human forms (no clue where the other half went) covered in jeggings would materialize out of thin air. I kept my distance, for they are a menacing presence not unlike a ghost. Sure, ghosts can’t hurt you. But, they certainly get great pleasure out of giving the living a major panic attack episode.

I thought this wretched trend was over. All fashion blogs pointed me to ‘over.’ Then, I come across jeggings..as shorts and capris. This can’t be happening. I thought the nightmare was over.

Are those grey ones clamdiggers? ARE THEY? oooh. Someone will pay for this crime against clams and those who dig them in appropriate dig-wear.

$7.99 if you want a pair. I can make that magic happen for every little princess out there.

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