I despise arty farty pics. Especially the ones I take.

Did you get all close up on a random object and focus well? Oh, how artistic of you. Now, make it B&W, and it will be super-artsy. *Extra points if it was some kind of man-made metal object so you can wax on about the industrial complex or some other trite bullshit.

What do photos like this one I took tell the viewer? Nuts have angles. They are metallic. They are shiny and dull at the same time, such a magnificent juxtaposition. And, wow, I bet you never stopped to ponder the beauty of this thing that I will not identify. This shot is of no interest to anyone, save a nut and bolt manufacturer.

Wait, wait. Someone in the room told me that I was wrong. Someone looking to build Frankenstein monster will be interested in bolt sizes. Manufacturers and mad scientists should enjoy this shot, then.

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