Stuff that Scares Ann: The Gargoyle House of El Paso

I had heard rumors of a gargoyle-covered house in El Paso, but it was never mentioned in any travel guide. So, I searched for the exact phrase. Lo and behold! Someone has a flickr account and posted pics along with the cross-streets.

A true creepster house! Remember when I said real creepish activity only occurs when someone thinks they are acting completely normal? Except, there they are breeding moths and skinning women in their basements? Right. I don’t know what goes on in that house. Those gaping maw faces make me shudder and wonder about the artist’s possible collection of things from Dave’s Pawn shop.

The artist lives there and has a website where he explains his artistic theory.

You know that saying, “It’s all Chinese to me!” Well: this is all speciality rare moth breeding to me! Seriously scary-ass sculptures. I’m not saying there aren’t impressive and expressive. I’m saying they are fricking terrifying. Yet, like the abyssal maw, I find myself oddly attracted to the damn things.

Abyssal Maw - Common - Dragoneye Range

The above image is from:

Oh my yes. Of course I have played with (okay, licked and petted) an abyssal maw. The little bugger was my first introduction into role-playing games. I insisted to my beloved Sergio that it gave points through ‘kisses for cuteness.’ He disagreed with my gaming plans, but he later constructed a game with a Maw Master who can keep them as pets. So, I think I won that battle. Yep. I was right.

I place the blame of this post squarely on Alex Chalakee. All his fault that I sought out this most creepish place. He said he walked by it after work, and it freaked him out. Well, buddy: here are some super-scary pics for your memories/nightmares!

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