Dave’s Pawn Shop Again

I’ve been working steadily on curing my irrational fear of this pawn shop. At the beginning of March, I worked up the nerve to speak with a salesperson there.

“Aren’t you scared to work here?”
“No, why?”
“Because there’s a mummy and skeletons all over. And, what is that blowfish thing that looks like a human face? Eek! Also, there’s a finger in a shadow box at the front of the store. This is definitely scary. ”
“No, miss. This is not scary at all to me. Look, here is the owner. He travels all over to find these things.”

He was scary, too.

This trip, I actually garnered the courage to purchase an item (a creepy knife). I have thought of a very special episode in which the knife will star alongside me. This reminds me: I need to get more fake blood.

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