Seaholm Power Plant (Austin)

I swear this is my last post tonight! Here are pictures of the physical plant. I have loved that art deco factory for a decade. Man, how I have pined away. “Oh, will I ever be able to get inside there? How come that photographer got access during the day and I didn’t? They aren’t going to tear it down, right?”

I’m way into art deco and the theories behind it. Clean lines, yet complication: my dream! I have loved the movement since I was a small child. It has the perfect balance of detail, color, intricacy, starkness, abstraction, and realism. The foreign and the familiar! Don’t even start with your bs that bc the plant was built in the 1950s it wasn’t completely influenced by art deco. I won’t hear it. I know what I saw.

It’s fair to say I like contrasts, even though I reject a binary existence. However, to reject it, one must see the extremes and make them come together in union. I feel like Art Deco does that for me. Oh! That courthouse in Brenham of all places!! The abstracted eagles at the entries; the metal shell and conch design on the tin border of the district court ceiling; the natural wave of the stone-covered halls. *Sigh*

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