AGAINST THE DEAD (AggieCon 2011)

My beloved spouse, Sergio Vandel, ran a gaming table today @ AggieCon. He said it was a successful campaign and that the gamers who signed up were all good rpg players. I forced Mr. Vandel to stay after the gaming was over to partake in a panel presentation on the literature and lore of vampires and zombies (the undead). He managed to get into it with another presenter over the logic behind only being able to kill zombies by destroying the brain. It was a geek slamdown! BAM! Sergio’s superior position was that zombification is a disease of the brain, whereas vampirism is a disease of the heart. Ergo, you must destroy the sickness to release the monster from its eternal suffering.

This is why I make a better vampire than a zombie. Sigh.

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Heh. That’s where the magic happens! If I were a creeper of a wife, I would have moved the camera ever so slightly to the right and lied to him about the whole ‘I need to take a picture of your badge’ thing.

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