I let this man in my house?! He’s an Evil Illustrator. I’m scared.

One of my beloved’s friends was interviewed by CNN. He’s no evil dictator, but he does carry grenades with him.  He also wears a kilt and some kind of leather armor. I never questioned his fashion choices until I saw him on CNN. I must have lived in Austin too long if this is what passes for normal to me.


Martin Whitmore is an artist, so I guess I will let it slide this time. If you ever need an illustrator–or if you are interested in comics featuring zombies and strippers, he’s the guy for you!


That book? It’s a modern d20 RPG based on a zombie-infested world. It’s the zombie apocolypse–will you survive? Marty illustrated the book and collaborated with my beloved, Sergio Vandel, to write it. You can get your own copy for $14.99 at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=84236

They’ll be at AggieCon 2011 on March 26-27, and they’ll be running a game. Print copies of Against the Dead will be available.

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