Concordia Cemetery–Chinese Section (El Paso)

If you go to EP, it’s on the north side of IH10 when you are driving west towards downtown from the airport. Take the Copia Street exit. Really, if you do nothing else in EP on your business trip, visit this cemetery. That is, if you have already taken the drive up Rim Road/Scenic Drive! If you haven’t taken that drive on your trip…well…I’m just sad for you. EP has so much scenery and history to offer–even if you only have a single hour to spare you should be able to find something to admire.

Even though the cemetery right off the interstate, it’s a fairly peaceful resting place. And, even though I have been there about 5 times now, I haven’t yet explored every corner. Frankly, I’ve been too busy obsessing heavily on the Caples family mausoleum and John Wesley Hardin’s grave. There is so much more for me to learn about El Paso’s history, though.

I finally visited the Chinese section. As you probably already know, the Chinese population came to the West to work on the railroads. The graves are very orderly in this section, unlike in the rest of the cemetery. I don’t know enough about burial traditions to tell you what that one box is in the middle of this section. I’ll have to do further research.

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Oh, and I totally freaked myself out when I was in the corner taking the feature pic. I thought, “Sh*t! Perfect location for a good zombie ankle-grab from what used to be Yee Yick. He’s under that slab, and he could get me with a zombie hand now.” And then it was all over for me. eeep! eeep! eeep! Ran to the sunlight…’cause zombies don’t move quick in the sunlight.

Gawd. I feel like an idiot now. But, at the time it was really creepish. I swear! And now here it is on the dang internet for everyone to see. Oh boy.

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