Sh*t that did not scare Ann on El Paso Street

Not everything on El Paso Street scares me. After all, it has some great shopping…and some rather questionable shopping, but that makes it all the more entertaining. I love asking myself, “Where would you wear something like that? Better yet, who the hell would wear that?”

I was in a shoe store and asked those very questions. The answer? “Las que bailan en los tables.” Oh. I probably shouldn’t be shopping for work clothes there, should I? But, I really like my new $4.99 low-cut black shirt! I wore it today, in fact.

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I miss being able to shop at the Ueta, dammit. I would need a passport now to buy my junk and walk across to Mexico and then back to the US to avoid sales tax.

And, even I must admit that pawn shop is pretty normal as long as you don’t look at the skulls, mummies, ventriloquist dummies, full skeletons….Right! Focus on the bright colors and shiny things.

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