Ever travel through west Texas with a utility lawyer?

No? Then count yourself lucky. Hours and hours of discussion about some giant battery thig-o-majig, CREZ wind power lines, the current carried by those lines over there versus the ones we saw two hours ago. AAAH!

Then, it’s all hog’s heaven when we see these old lines on the road between Marfa and Valentine. He thinks they were telegraph poles that were converted to electrical poles, because there’s no mistaking the [whatever the frick those bloppers on the poles are called. I need to learn how to listen.].

“It is clear those poles were used as power lines. Amazing. They are barely ten feet tall. Wow. They are very old. Probably dating back to the 1920s.”

Hours, people. Hours and hours of this charming banter.

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I don’t like how ‘fuffy’ [no, not fluffy] the clouds are in that one pic. I will probably crop the other one to reduce the fuffy interference.

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