Sh*t that scares me. (clowns, rabid animals, dead children)

I fricking hate clowns, and I am not alone. I generally do not like poker faces, masks, or any other type of look that I cannot read. If you can’t read them, they are serial killers for sure! Is a guy staring at you too intently like he wants to ‘make sweet love’ to you that instant? Well, shoot. What a relief! At least I know which direction to run.

I do not like the thought of dead children for obvious reasons. Terrifying. But, remember that kid from that craptastical movie Pet Semetery (I will not give it the credit of looking up how to spell the name correctly)? Remember Zelda. Yeah, she was gonna twist my back like hers was twisted so I’d nevah get outta bed again. I shoved her ass down the stairs! Hah! And, the world was minus ONE batcrap murderer….

Last, but not least! Is there some reason why I let my child pet an ocelot/housecat mix? Why don’t I just buy a blind pit bull and let him play with it? (oooh. I already did that.)

Does that cat look like it is going to bite my kid or what? Because shortly there after…SNAPPERS!!! My kid had it coming, frankly. But: Hi, Annie. Let’s discuss rabies shots for your squishy-cute kid. Oh. Hindsight really is 20/20.

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