Presidio County Courthouse (12/2010)

This one reminds me of a lighthouse. On top, there is a gorgeous viewing area. I’m looking at it from my hotel room right this minute. They keep the top lighted at night, which gives it an eery look. I keep waiting for a ghost to appear, like a woman from the late 1800s staring out into the night searching for her lover. [He rode to El Paso three weeks before, but he was to return in a fortnight. If she peers into the horizon, perhaps she can see him coming.]

I checked again. Still no ghost.

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I like how these pics turned out, but props have to go out to the designers and builders. It really does seem that they were inspired by the structure and function of a lighthouse. Maybe the inspiration for the courthouse design was the idea of bringing the light of justice to Texas.

And, just as an update: No ghost. [sigh]

11:47 pm: Still nothing. She must be hiding. Or, maybe she gave up and found a new guy. [Hey, he said two weeks, not two years!]

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