Prada store in Marfa!!

Did I buy an outfit and shoes specifically to pretend to be a patron at a fake storefront in Valentine, Texas? No, of course not. That would be crazy. I repeat: only a nutter would plan such a thing years in advance.

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What could be more useless that a fancy-assed purse and ridiculously-priced high heels in the desert? Hmm. Kinda makes you wonder about how useful these items are at all. Can they function as an artistic expression for the owner’s enjoyment? Or, as I suspect, are most of these items status symbols purchased to show the world how wonderful we are? Maybe it’s a bit of both for some of us.

I have a really nice purse right now (see pictures). I got it for $50 at a consignment shop. I saw it, and I had to have it. I fell in love with the shape. Plus, the size is practical for carrying my iPad and stuff for my kid. When I got home and googled the brand…*ahem*…turns out I have expensive taste. And here I just bought the thing because it was pretty, and I thought it would complement my wardrobe. So, basically I’m so vain that I don’t want a status symbol to take attention away from me, me, me.

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