Irritation in Self-portraiture

So, there I am at perfectly cool Marfa, Texas posing at the coolest place I saw. And I couldn’t get it right! I tell you, I think I took at least twenty pictures to get a few *barely* useable ones. It is so much more helpful to have someone there to say, “Dip your chin slightly–now a little more, move your shoulder back, flip your hair, look down, look up, bring it!” In the end, this was both a study in self-loathing and self-portraiture.

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I like auto parts 3 the best, but that’s just me. Everyone’s a critic, yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Wait! Aren’t I the beholder? Oh no….I have lots of eyes and shoot beams out of them! (Not cute! The Beholder is not cute!)

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