I saw the Marfa lights!

I just know they came out especially for me!!! They don’t always appear. So, lucky me! These pics are sloppy as heck. I spent the day taking pictures of other stuff, so you’ll have to pardon my exhaustion with the tripod by the time dusk fell. My broken tripod, that is. You get what you pay for, right? Anyhoo, you can find better pictures taken with better cameras if you google “Marfa Lights.”

These are the mystery lights of west Texas. Marfa is waaaay out west but not quite to El Paso. The story is that some cowboy saw the lights in 1883 and asked the native population what it was. They said it was falling stars. Well, it makes more sense than some of the other goofball, crackpot theories out there.

Because I am a skeptic and up-to-date on my skeptic literature, I thought they were going to be car lights coming down the mountain. But then they zapped around sideways at first, which would not match up with the car light theory. They also changed colors (red, yellow, then white). Not very car-like either.

Then, I thought they were houses because they just sat there for the longest time. Three problems with that hypothesis: the zapping around, the changing colors, the fact that I don’t think there are houses out on the mountain. If there were, the mystery would have been solved…or would it? I mean, houses don’t zip around the sky and split apart!

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It seems like the only logical explanation is that it is some natural phenomenon.

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