Slaughter Creek 12/2010

Most nature photography you’ll see of central and west Texas is from springtime. And, I’ll readily admit, spring in this area is a fantastic display of color after a dreary, dry winter. (Which only serves to remind me that I have a ton of pictures from spring that I need to upload. That’s my little narcissist! Where has she been?)

What I tried to do with these photos is show the beauty of winter. The sky is clear with the sun low. The moon is ever-present. Winter solstice is just a few days from now. The tide then will soon turn against the White Goddess. It’s enough to make a woman want to boil a cauldron of witch’s offering alongside a creek and dance naked in the forest! [I said WANT. I will not actually perform said feat because there is a burn ban in effect in Travis County. Maybe in another year/lifetime…identity.]

Back to the pics. Most of the flowers have long since turned to pods, empty pods at that. We don’t have snow usually. So, these are not your typical winter pics. Instead of white, crisp peaks of snow-capped mountains, Mother Nature’s bounty is warm and inviting in this area of the world. I was especially delighted to find a small flower in bloom. I am forever amazed at how this land defies the rules that seasons impose on us.

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