Castle Grave (Driftwood, Texas)

I just wish I were a fly on the wall when the concept for this grave was developed. Shoot. For all I know, maybe I was!

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Count your blessings that I didn’t take pics of the most depressing grave ever. It was a metal crib around a 2 year old boy’s grave. It’s only second to a family plot in the Live Oak Cemetery up the road from me. The tombstones read: Mother, Father, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby. It’s strange. There are a lot of dead children in that graveyard. But, up the road a bit (off of Dittmar), there are hardly any dead babies. The only lesson I can draw from this is that in the 1800s, you should have lived north of Slaughter Creek. Even I don’t like to venture into the woods behind my house alone anymore. There’s something wrong with that creek.

It was named for Augustine B. Slaughter, a Texas Ranger. They say his body is buried somewhere back there.  Seriously, local historians claim that he is buried back there. Maybe my house was built on his grave! [Cue scary movie song and haunted TV. Remember when televisions went all goober-boober late at night? Test patterns, snow. Yeah.  And right before the channels went off, they’d play the national anthem. Complete with amber waves of grain!]

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