Dun dun DUN… (Scary dude!)

These two pics are also from the 2010 Dia de los Muertos here in Austin. I am posting them separately from the others because the guy in the car looks like a dang murderer if I ever saw one. This scene requires closer inspection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you see what I mean? The cute co-ed in the background has no idea what evil lurks just behind her…but his prey senses his presence. Ooogy booogy!

I just keep wondering how I managed to catch this hilarious scene. When I first uploaded this pic on my computer, I busted a gut! I swear that these were just normal people dressed up as skeletons in a parade. Unless there’s some backstory I don’t know about. And, given the look on her face, I’m starting to think that is entirely possible.

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